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Yoga for EVERY body!

Think you can't do yoga - think again!

Yoga is a powerful practice that can enhance your health and well-being.  With Yoga in Chairs and Adaptive Yoga, Liz Franklin makes yoga accessible to anyone.

Online classes, downloadable classes, and in-person instruction are available so you can make time in your schedule to start or enhance your yoga practice.

No special props or clothes are required.  All you need is a sturdy chair and an open mind.

Liz started Yoga in Chairs in 2000 and has been teaching classes since then.  She was a pioneer in the field and brings her depth of teaching experience to every session.  She has worked with a variety of populations - from those recovering from surgery and illness to those who are older and need to work on flexibility, strength, and balance.

If you have been thinking about starting a yoga practice, what are you waiting for?  With Yoga in Chairs and Adaptive Yoga, you can get started right away to work your joints and muscles to increase flexibility, strength, balance, and circulation. These classes stress quiet reflection, proper breathing, and spinal alignment.

Chair Yoga makes me smile

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Liz Franklin

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