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About Liz Franklin Yoga in Chairs and Adaptive Yoga

Liz Franklin

Certified through the Living Yoga Program

Developed Yoga in Chairs in 2000

Over 2 decades of teaching experience


I began my personal yoga journey in 1994.  I found such peace and calm in class and I wanted to share this with others!

One week an older woman who has practiced yoga for many years came to the class.  While all of us settled on our mats on the floor to wait for class to begin, she took quite some time to get down on the floor.  We began class and when it was time to come into the standing poses, she had a very hard time getting back up.  She would chuckle and make jokes about her “old bones” but I could tell she was frustrated and angry that her body wouldn’t work the way she wanted it to.  This continued for a couple of weeks and then she quit coming to class. 

I felt very strongly that this woman could really benefit from doing yoga and that there must be a way for older adults and people with physical limitations to practice yoga. I did research on the internet, spoke with my teacher, and pored over books in the library. There really didn’t seem to be any yoga programs that would allow all people to participate, so I began working on modifying yoga poses to work while seated in a chair.  Yoga in Chairs was born and I have been sharing it with others since December 2000.

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Adaptive yoga takes traditional yoga poses and adapts them to the student to fit their body and any limitations that they are working with.  We will use whatever props are needed to allow you to safely practice yoga.

My classes are designed to allow almost anyone to participate in a very gentle form of Hatha Yoga. They work the joints and muscles to increase flexibility, strength, balance, and circulation. It stresses quiet reflection, proper breathing, and spinal alignment.

Each class begins with a time of quiet contemplation and ends with complete relaxation. The classes are designed to fit your needs. Each class session is based on the individuals in the class – I work to make the class fit you instead of you trying to fit into the class.

Yoga in Chairs is appropriate for senior adults, people recovering from surgery, people with joint replacements or injuries, people with arthritis, anyone who feels a need for gentle, effective exercise in their lives.

I offer online class sessions, in-person one-on-one sessions, group sessions online or in-person
and have downloadable classes available. 

Start YOUR yoga practice today and feel better tomorrow!

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